It is the year 2031 and all of the predictions have come true. Sea level has risen over 4 feet and swallowed most of the low-lying coasts of Northern America. The news of the latest disaster spreads like tendrils through the luminous screen of Libah’s computer. Because of an unexpected iterated feedback loop that is driving the melting, the heating and inevitable death of the planet everything is happening faster than anyone expected. However, Libah has an ancient connection through her indigenous roots to a wisdom she didn’t get through her scientific training. A council of shamans, from around the world contact her and call her to their meeting. There, Libah encounters a dark mystery that is at the core of what could be the potential transformative moment of our time.

In a novel where Blade Runner meets Enigma, The Current Future takes you on a necessary and harrowing journey of the heart and mind. Much like a wild and raging river, this story carries you through dangerous dark side canyons and through wild rapids of consequence and resolve. Libah understands that what is needed from her is nothing more than all that she has to give. When Libah finally embraces her ancient human capacity to thrive, she discovers the beauty and power of our common life force at the bottom of our deepest darkest times.


The Current Future is a compelling and necessary story for our times, a gift of insight, pristine research conveyed in a courageous, personal yet universal style of storytelling.